About FunPoll

FunPoll is a question game where you're asked all sorts of fun but tricky questions. Answer to the best of your ability. After each page you can then observe how everyone else has answered a particular question. This gives you a good idea on how everyone thinks! Some of the results will shock you! Have a good idea for a question? Submit your own here! Highest rated questions will be added to the site.

The Rise of Question Games

The mobile gaming industry has been growing exponentially over the past few years especially in the United States and China. Today, more than 500 million people play mobiles games. Some play these games at work, on the bus, or before they go to bed. And what's crazy, the mobile gaming population seems to be growing with no end in sight! Our mobile games infographic adds some insight into the actual numbers below.

As the mobile gaming industry gets larger and larger, we are starting to see lots more question games - such as our one. The purposes of these games vary. Some are trivia based games, some are would you rather based games. Our site is the latter. People a couple decades ago must have had no idea how many question games there'd be playing today. There are over 1.4 million mobile games related websites online at this very moment - about 33% of those or one third are question games.. How many will there be in another ten years?

What to expect in next 10 years

China and India make up 40% of the Human population, and they're all starting to play question games. That is a massive new part of the industry we're about to see. You can count that related app sales will steadily climb over the next decade. English speaking individuals today are actually starting to learn Indian and Mandarin so they can construct useful and profitable applications to release in these growing markets. Something to note additionally, is how quickly these county's economies are growing. Soon people in Asia will be able to afford things like android across the board! If there's one thing for sure, it's certainly going to be noteworthy what the future will bring.

The increasing difficulty of question games

Over time there's no doubt that people are getting smarter. Because of this we're starting to see harder and harder games that test us greater than ever before. Some of these applications aren't exactly fun largely because of this. What's special about FunPoll is we sort of have a balance between difficulty and fun. We have questions that aren't necessarily difficult, but are fun and some a little tricky to think of an answer too. There's no right answer to any of the questions on the site.

If you are interested in our mobile games infographic, please click the share button and spread the word! We update our infographic every year as new data becomes available. With the success of the tablet gaming industry we expect 2014 numbers to be huge.


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