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Answer ALL the questions in order to see how normal you are! Learn more about the way humans think! Questions get progressively harder. You will find your results page at the end!

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Would you rather questions

Here's how to play!

You are given a series of would you rather questions which you must answer as truthfully as possible. After each question you'll be able to see how others have answered, giving you interesting insight on the way we all think. As you progress we construct a fully researched personality profile based on your answers. You can see this profile when you reach the end. Don't worry, there are no losers here. Try to get through all the questions though! The results are well worth it. (we may throw in some miscellaneous questions as well)

Our Researched Personality Profile

As you answer away would you rather based questions, we are busy behind the scenes constructing your unique personality profile! This profile measures multiple personality traits including kindness, logical reasoning, intelligence, social behavior, whether you're an introvert / extrovert, optimist or pessimist, and more! It took us over 2 years to fully develop FunPoll, so please share your profile results on social media to help us grow.

Have a good idea for a would you rather question?

Awesome! We have a section where you can submit your own would you rather questions - or any other type for that matter! Users can vote on these, the best ones will be added to our database. Have a think and try to come up with something clever that my be difficult for people to answer. We've gotten quite a few good ones so far!

What kind of questions do we have?
  • 1. Hardest would you rather questions
  • 2. Human nature
  • 3. Silly facts
  • 4. Personal
  • 5. And anything else

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How we all think

Everybody thinks differently in this world. Some people are logical thinkers, some are not, some people think methodically, some don't. That's why each of our would you rather based posts have a wide variation of different answers. Sometimes you think you may be in the minority, but find that your answer is actually what most people have clicked on. As an example one of our questions: WU rather sleep in a cold room, or hot room? A surprising majority of people clicked on the 'cold room' as their preferred sleeping environment. Why is this? Why do 85% of people prefer sleeping in a cold room? Or another example: Would you rather live one 1000 year life, or ten 100 year lives. This one is more split. About a 45-55% difference give or take - interesting. Some posts are even more even than this, and even more different than the previous example.

Question game in beta

Please note: we are technically in a beta version of the site. This means you may come across various bugs and display inconsistencies. If you notice anything out of the ordinary please do us a favor and send a bug report. These reports really help us out in making the site better for everyone. If you have a good idea for the site in general you can also fill out a form to let us know your thoughts. Don't like a particular would you rather questions? Let us know!

How do we grow?

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